Workshops/ Series –

Workshops will be from one full day to three days. The days can be spread out over a short period of time.

Introduction to Yoga

  • Yoga is the Journey to your inner Self; it’s not about touching your toes, in fact you never even need to touch your toes! Experience the benefits of yoga through focusing the mind, finding peace, and self-wellness regardless of your path, body type, age, or flexibility. This workshop will touch on:
    • asana (the exercising part),
    • breathing techniques (to calm and focus the mind along with other health benefits),
    • meditation,
    • ayurveda (life science)
    • food (crucial step to self-wellness ),
    • philosophy of attachment and aversion
    • yoga for anxiety, anger and depression.

Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats

A beautiful balance of learning, laughs, and relaxation.

  • Fundamentals of Ayurveda
  • How to look at food, lifestyle and movement through an Ayurveda lens
  • Your Ayurveda constitution – Doshas (Prakriti and Vikruti)
  • What diet, exercise, daily routines and habits will work for you
  • What yoga (asana/ breathing/ meditation) will help with your imbalances
  • Self oil massage (abhyanga,karna purana, nasya) benefits and oil to use
  • What causes disease

4 theory classes, 4 yoga asana classes, 2 shat karma, pranayama and meditation classes (optional).


Yoga for Stress, Frustration and Feeling Stuck/ Down
(Anxiety, Anger and Depression or Vata, Pitta, and Kapha)

Part theory, part movement. How breathing, meditation and asana can be used as medicine to help nourish our mind and body from physical and mental imbalances. We will breakdown dis-ease into the 5 elements and then into areas of excess air, bile, and mucus. We will learn how bringing pressure and stretching these areas of excess and how the energetics in which we practice movement can dissipate the build-up and thereby dissipate the associated imbalance. We will then experience this through fun and informative yoga asana classes. This can be one 3 hour workshop or over a series of four 2-hour modules.


Themed Classes –

Restorative Yoga

  • This is yoga with blankets and pillows. Restorative yoga poses help us learn to relax and rest deeply and completely. During deep relaxation, all the organ systems of the body are benefited, muscles have an opportunity to relax and lengthen. This is a real gift.

Yoga to Detox/ Renew

  • Great for everyone. This class will have an arc of movement; starting with some cleansing breathe exercises, followed by an Ayurvedic self-message to stimulate the lymphatic system. We then move into some warm up postures focused on body and breath, as we begin to really warm up the body we can get into some deeper twists to help push out stagnation and replace with fresh movement in the body. Closing with a safe legs up the wall or variation of shoulder stand to help movement of the blood and lymphatic system, typically leaving a feeling of calmness to the mind.

Profound Self Realization

  • This is a journey deep within through guided mediation in movement.  We attempt to strip away what you associate with “being me” and see what is left. The class is slower pace with longer holds in the poses and breaks for reflection. It is recommended, but not mandatory to spend the morning or day in silence before the class.

Balance Your Dosha

  • We all have our own unique constitution that is typically in flux of being in and out of balance.  Taken from Ayurveda principals, we use postures that can help pacify some of our imbalances.

Chakra Stimulation

  • With this class we focus on simulating the six (6) main energy centers in the body through movement and sound. These centers hold the sense of survival, desire, will, love, communication and intuition.

Specifics (backs/ hips/ hamstrings/ shoulders/etc.)

  • If you would like to work on opening and stretching specific body parts or have something you want to work on like improving your golf game or concentration, a class can be structured towards your specific goals.