Working with an Ayurvedic counselor and educator gives you a holistic view of yourself.

It’s about you as an individual, because where you are is unique to your life experiences and there is never a one size fits all method about it.


Ayurveda cares about the root cause.  Why did we get here in the first place? So many times, we are given band-aid solutions for symptoms and this can often lead to other issues or further progression of dis-ease and dis-comfort, because we didn’t stop the cause.

When we meet for a consultation we will have an in-depth discussion about you. Other Ayurveda tools like an assessment of your face, tongue and pulse will also assist in telling the story.

We will learn about the best version of yourself, your constitution, sometimes referred to as “dosha” or in Ayurvedic terms, your Prakruti. We will also learn what is keeping you from that, your imbalance, or what Ayurveda refers to as your Vikruti. We will then work on your imbalances, finding the cause and get you back to feeling like your best self.