private yoga

People typically seek private yoga sessions to assist on their dedicated journey to self wellness.  It is wonderful to be part of this journey and really see the changes that occur. Often, although there is a particular goal in mind, the result will also encompass a sense of peace.

Whether it is a journey to more grounded and calm in your life, an introduction to the practice of yoga, deepening your existing practice, or just to help improve your game, I can help.  With me you will always focus on the breath, and the mental part of your practice. Offering a focus on yoga posture sequences (asana), breathing techniques and/or meditation.

  • I come to you. You have the convenience to practice in your own home.
  • I meet with you to talk about your daily activities, diet, routine and what you want to work on,
  • I specifically gear the class to your needs, changing as you grow and change as life can change from week to week.
  • We work on long term goals from reducing anxiety, getting more sleep, to even improving your golf game.
  • There is time to chat before and after each session.  A session can run from 45 min to 1.5 hours.
  • One on one, couple or small groups.

Let’s try each other out.

Looking for more support on your wellness journey? 

I’m also an Ayurveda Health Counselor and Body Worker. We can discuss how food, habits and mindset can impact your goals and how to achieve them in an organic realistic way. Check out Nourish Ayurveda & Yoga!


 Private Yoga Testimonials

Mark G.

Senior Vice President at Cushman & Wakefield

“I started Yoga with Natasha Samson several months ago knowing absolutely nothing about Yoga.  I was looking to reduce stress and improve my golf game. Natasha built a program that was commensurate with my skill level allowing me to build confidence and more importantly benefit from her exceptional knowledge of each pose that I would never have been able to receive in a general class.  The attention to detail for each pose and/or flow results in an exponential benefit that I would never have known was possible.    I can’t help but think, when I leave each of Natasha’s session’s, why isn’t everybody doing this…body, mind, union?  What is learned on my mat is transferable to other aspects of my life and I have experienced benefits I was not expecting. The reason I started yoga was this interview with Canadian Gold Medal Triathlete, Simon Whitfield. After I saw this interview I started Yoga sessions with Natasha.  Yoga has been a life changing physical and mental experience that I never envisioned was possible when I started and never would have achieved without Natasha.  I highly recommend Natasha Samson as a first class Yoga teacher”.  Mark Gallagher

Ffion K.

Recent Cancer Survivor

“I am a recent cancer survivor, and working with Natasha over the past four months, both in person and online, has changed my life. Shortly after a year of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant for leukemia, I was looking for some private yoga classes to help me relax, ease pain, and re-build my strength. Not being able to attend a yoga studio in person, due to my immunosuppression, I was searching for private yoga in my home. We started working together and had a few in person sessions while I was still living in Vancouver. Then, when I left Vancouver and returned to my small town in Northern BC, we continued with a few months of sessions over Zoom. What I got, was so much more than just private yoga instruction. She coached and supported me on a weekly basis, leading to so much positive change in all aspects of my life. She helped me set goals and held me accountable. Natasha is knowledgeable, warm, kind, and very enjoyable to work with, both in person and online. The quality of her instruction and her setup to offer classes over Zoom has also been excellent. When I met Natasha, I was suffering from depression and anxiety from my treatment and had not exercised for over a year. After my sessions with her, my outlook on my life has completely changed for the better, I meditate every day (something I had tried so many times before meeting her, but had never stuck), and I have a solid yoga foundation that I practice often. I am now able to continue a healthier, happier, more peaceful, and grateful path thanks to Natasha, and I am forever grateful to her for that!” Ffion Kernachan