When hearing this, I immediately took the compassionate route.  Which you do with a good friend, but often don’t do when you talk to yourself.  I started to talk about balance and how an attachment to perfection will cause them to either beat themselves up or quit the diet and fall in a slump.  So many things in life come up, and your environment can also change your energy and inspiration.  As I talk, and know that they do know all of this, I started to reflect on my own attachments to my mediation practice.  I beat myself up for not sitting the full time I want, getting up early enough to fit it in, or for sitting there the whole time with my mind like a wild horse.

It’s one thing to understand compassion, self-love, and non-attachment, but it takes a life time, or many, to get out of the habit of beating our selves up for not being perfect.  Yes, strive for greatness, be competitive, these things get you far in life, but the attachment to the outcome is what brings us the misery.

Whether it be your diet, your practice, your parenting of a toddler, or your goals in your profession; we need to remember to eat well most of the time, and if you’re friends are out playing volleyball on the beach and the hot-dogs smell amazing, eat one, or three. It’s ok. Let it go and know you will eat well again the next day or even later that day.  That is balance. Drink plenty of water, breath, and continue on the Journey.

Wishing you a happy Journey,